Read the latest news and blogs on land rights issues and investment


Read the latest news and blogs on land rights issues and investment

News and Blogs


Webinar Recap: Traditional Authorities in Africa and Their Role in Land-Based Investment Governance

  Mr. Neil Sorensen

In a thought-provoking webinar moderated by Nolundi Luwaya, Director of the Land and Accountability Research Centre at the University of Cape Town, experts from across Africa convened to unravel th


LAND-at-scale Chad: Collective action to bring land to the national political agenda

  Mr. Neil Sorensen

Chad is at the verge of an emerging land tenure crisis. As observed in many countries in Africa, formal and customary tenure systems overlap.


Why large-scale agricultural investments in Gambella, Ethiopia aren’t meeting expectations – and how to fix this


Despite being a part of national government planning, large-scale agricultural investments in Ethiopia have not been meeting expectations.


New Portfolio Highlights the Promises and Pitfalls of Land Investments


The Land Portal Foundation has launched a new Land & Investments Portfolio that unpacks the key concepts, terms, international frameworks and policies, and many other aspects critical to unders


What communities, governments and the private sector need to know about responsible land investments

  Darryl Vhugen

Access to and secured long-term rights to use land are an essential precondition for rural development, food production, security and social peace.


2022 Land Portal Annual Report Highlights Increasing Access to Land Information


The Land Portal Foundation reported another successful year in 2022, making significant progress toward their organizational strategy and monitoring and evaluation framework.


Civil society organizations are key to creating better land policies: lessons from Zambia

  Jesinta Kunda

In a blog series from IIED and the Land Portal, rights defenders and practitioners in the global South reflect on their strategies to push for more responsible and sustainable land-based investment


Mining and Community Development Agreements: a panacea for community justice in Uganda?

  Kevin Bakulumpagi

Uganda’s extractives industry is growing exponentially and attracting both foreign and domestic mining companies. But too often, mineral-rich communities fail to benefit.


Webinar recap: The New Customary Land Rights Act in Sierra Leone


In September 2022, Sierra Leone enacted unprecedented new laws related to land, climate and sustainable development – the Customary Land Rights Act 2022 and the National Land Commission Act 2022.


From conflict to public-private partnerships: Securing land-use rights and livelihoods in Mozambique

  Ms. Karol Boudreaux

Mozambique’s 1997 land law recognises land rights acquired through customary practice and good faith occupancy, even without a formal title.