Community Development Toolkit

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Community Development Toolkit

  Jan 01th, 2019

The ICMM has developed 20 tools to support mining and metals companies in promoting sustainable community development. These tools will also be useful to companies involved in other sectors. They offer practical guidance for every stage of the mining process from exploration, construction and operations, to decommissioning, closure and ultimately, the post-closure environment.These tools are accompanied by easy-to-use, step-by-step route maps, to help:

• Foster constructive working relationships between communities, companies and governments

• Build capacity within governments, companies and local communities to address sustainable development at local level

• Improve understanding of local community development processes

• Promote the potential of mine development and operation to add value to sustainable social and economic development

• Create and improve lasting opportunities for sustainable community development through every phase of the mining and metals project cycle – and beyond

• Reduce conflict in mining communities and regions