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Resources for Legacy land issues

A guidance note on managing legacy land issues in agribusiness investments

Tools and Guides

This document provides guidance to agribusiness companies and investors that face legacy land issues and seek to manage them to manage social impacts for project-affected communities. It outlines tools to address these issues and safeguard the rights of local communities, and to promote community development and business opportunities for mutual benefits.


Land Legacy Issues - Guidance on Corporate Responsibility

Tools and Guides

This Guide aims to inform companies that hold land or purchase land directly from companies that hold land. It provides operational guidance for companies confronting “legacy land issues” and clarifies a company’s roles and responsibilities in dealing with legacy land issues in their existing holdings, while also providing direction on where to look for more detailed information and tools.

Legacy land issues: Addressing historical disputes in agribusiness investments

Tools and Guides

This note provides guidance for businesses to identify and address legacy land issues in agricultural investments.