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Resources for Transparency & anti-corruption

Tools and Guides

This note is part of the RAI Knowledge into Action Notes series and provides guidance on the type of information about agricultural investments that investors and governments can make publicly available.

Tools and Guides

This guide provides companies with an overview of the importance of traceability for sustainability purposes, outlines the global opportunities and challenges it represents and summarises practical steps for implementing traceability programmes within company operations. It

• defines traceability and explores its history, benefits and challenges, including an overview of current collaborative schemes on traceability,

Tools and Guides

The ICMM has developed 20 tools to support mining and metals companies in promoting sustainable community development. These tools will also be useful to companies involved in other sectors. They offer practical guidance for every stage of the mining process from exploration, construction and operations, to decommissioning, closure and ultimately, the post-closure environment.These tools are accompanied by easy-to-use, step-by-step route maps, to help:

• Foster constructive working relationships between communities, companies and governments

Tools and Guides

This document provides guidances on how businesses can respect legitimate tenure rights and human rights in their land-based investments. It

• translates principles of responsible land governance and tenure (see the VGGT) into practical mechanisms, processes and actions,

• gives examples of good practice – what has worked, where, why and how, and

• provides useful tools for activities such as the design of policy and reform processes, for the design of investment projects and for guiding interventions.

Tools and Guides

This guide is an aid for companies to achieve positive and resilient rapports with their host communities. It provides accessible information to understand factors that have an influence on community support and how this can be measured. 

Tools and Guides

This set of Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPs) have been developed to help any company looking to ensure their operations are undertaken in a manner that safeguards respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. The tools, accompanied by easy-to-use, step-by-step guides help companies:

• Reduce production delays

• Maintain “Social License to Operate”

• Gain access to financing • Lessen litigation risk

• Maintain/enhance company reputation

• Operate successfully in complex business environments