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Tools and Guides

This note is part of the RAI Knowledge into Action Notes series and provides guidance on how to ensure that agricultural investments respect existing land rights, both formal and informal, and thereby avert land disputes.

Tools and Guides

This note is part of the RAI Knowledge into Action Notes series and provides guidance on how investors can provide effective remedies to affected parties who perceive that their rights have been adversely affected by business activities.

Tools and Guides

This guide aims to help businesses -companies, investors, buyers- understand, respect, and support the rights of indigenous peoples by illustrating how these rights are relevant to business activities. It encourages business to engage in meaningful consultation and partnership with indigenous peoples on a local level and to adapt the principles discussed and practices suggested here to their distinct situations and contexts. It

Tools and Guides

This guide and its practical tools help companies:

• Recognise and respect that Indigenous Peoples have distinct rights and interests

• Understand that through law and/or custom, Indigenous People often have a special relationship to the land, territories and resources

• Utilise forms of engagements that are sensitive to cultural characteristics eg governance structures, interaction and decision making

Tools and Guides

This Primer provides practical guidance for companies on how to design, implement, manage, and monitor a company-based grievance mechanism. It is divided into the three main sections and associated steps:

• how to design and implement a company-based grievance mechanism,

• how to create procedures for receiving, investigating, and responding to complaints, and

• how to create procedures for monitoring and evaluating the grievance mechanism.

Tools and Guides

This document provides guidances on how businesses can respect legitimate tenure rights and human rights in their land-based investments. It

• translates principles of responsible land governance and tenure (see the VGGT) into practical mechanisms, processes and actions,

• gives examples of good practice – what has worked, where, why and how, and

• provides useful tools for activities such as the design of policy and reform processes, for the design of investment projects and for guiding interventions.